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About Us



The Power of Choice

We are  a non-asset transportation services provider offering you the ultimate freedom of choice for your shipping needs.


Since 1990, we have successfully served our customers as an alternative to “captive customer” arrangements that

occur from being contractually limited to asset-based carriers who limit your flexibility and options.


We started our company to support savvy logistics managers who understand that options and choices mean

having power … who realize that no single carrier can always be the optimal choice for every shipment every time

… who know that being locked in to a  carrier means being limited by its people, facilities and equipment.

Transportation excellence is about balancing cost efficiency with service effectiveness. Market uncertainties, operating challenges and changing customer demands complicate that objective.

TransportLink’s mission is to offer the agility, responsiveness, versatility and options to 

successfully meet those challenges . In short, we are about giving you the power of choice.

We offer a portfolio of carriers who maintain an inventory of high-quality fleet equipment to meet your operating requirements and to satisfy the needs of your customers on every shipment.  

TransportLink offers you the cost and service options with the national

 range and reach to get your shipment anywhere in the U.S.

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